Saturday, 1 January 2011

Ollie Pie

First of all, a very happy new Year to everyone :) I hope this year brings you lots of fun and good times!

I've been drawing a Christmas present for my parents, having been rather ill before Christmas and having to work, I did not get time to do it, and it's always good to draw when you are in the mood and not forced to do it. It comes out better then for me :)

Some of you may recognise Ollie, he appears in some videos with me. The video will be up soon once I edit it, I enjoyed doing it, this is only the third animal I have drawn, I have drawn one dog before and a pony. However, I actually really enjoyed drawing the castle folly in the background.

Before Christmas I got to go to Edinburgh which was gorgeous and the castle there is beautiful, but my it was coldies!

I also completed an oil painting I have been working on for 6 months. (Well it was left for 6 months till I came back to it) I'm no amazing painter, but its something I am experimenting with and trying to get better at, my work is all quite abstract and its nice because its a balance to the detailed pencil sketches.

Anyway stay tuned for the vids coming up and take care :)


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