Sunday, 18 September 2011

Just Wowness! Lana Del Rey!

I was just reading attitude and they always have awesome music in their music section! This issue did not disappoint. They have now introduced me to Lana Del Rey who has a sensational voice and the looks of Emma Watson and Angelina Jolie in one!

What is really gripping me though is her sound, and also the style of her videos. Her YouTube is not at all what I expected from an artist about to break through, no VEVO.. just 5 videos with some amazing editing.

They appear to mix cartoons, old film footage, her singing and it makes a music video that we just don't see these days amongst the boobs in your face videos and women wearing nothing but knickers and leotards.

This woman has class!

Blue Jeans and video games are wowness!

I adore cleverly edited videos or videos that just make you stop and go what was that? ... They push your thinking and I love seeing what people create.

Another of my favourites is Levi Beamish. I often see people in the comments questioning the reason behind the video/ or asking what it means. I say to them, just enjoy what you saw and heard and take your own meaning from it.  I always look forward to a video with Daphne in by Levi. There is something about Daphne, that old lady who could be your granny who you want to help and find out more about :)

That's all for today folks :)

I'm concentrating on my work placement and a 6000 word essay I have in in October atm so you won't find me on YouTube till October sometime :) Hey if you miss me I'm on twitter and facebook from time to time sharing bits of my world.

p.s. I have opened up a new channel for vlogging..... it's not got any videos yet, when I make one I'll tell you all what it is :)


Sunday, 4 September 2011

What would I do without a computer?

Hello everyone :)

I'm currently looking into buying a new laptop, well not looking as such, I know what I want, it's just a question of affording it, and going to get it.

My old faithful windows vista has deffo given up the ghost after 3 to 4 years in use every day. I am on the pc downstairs as I am trying to edit a video on it upstairs, but it's giving me the circle (you know the little loading circle, which I really think is it just giving me the middle finger).

The battery died two weeks ago, and it only runs off mains power now. Sooooo I am buying a new laptop which will be bale to handle HD video for all my YouTube-ness. I would like photoshop and some good video editing software too.

I want to up the content of my YouTube vids and be able to edit easily without being able to: eat a slice of cake, manage to fall up the stairs as I didn't lift my foot enough, and mop up all the water i had spilled from the glass I was carrying, to come back to my laptop to find it is still importing footage.

Yeahhhh a passing butterfly would outstrip the speed it does things!

So I have resigned myself to spending money on a new one, hey I'll definitely use it, for all the website editing, video editing and photo stuff I do.

You can't really live without a computer these days, everything is online, your friends, music, news, email, your life basically.

I do have the massive urge to go camping by the sea and leave all technology behind though :)

P.s That JK Rowling blog will appear, I haven't forgotten :)