Sunday, 23 January 2011

January is my YouTube month!

I have had quite a lot of success with my channel this month (famous last words) haha. The Britney vid shot through the roof as she released her new single and I rebranded the video, and I have had some very interesting commissions recently and some exciting contacts I hope I will get some good things from :)

I am just uploading one video which will air on the 25th which was a departure form my normal portraiture in the sense that it is a full figure so stay tuned for that! I felt I had to do a full figure for this portrait because it suited it better.

The Britney and Justine Bieber drawing videos have made it over the 150,000 views mark and Britney is even over 160,000 now so that was quite an achievment alone this month. Especially as Britney only had about 35,000 views the day before the sinlge was released!

I hope you enjoy what's coming next and that you're all well.

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