Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Ruins of Detroit

Hi Everyone :)

Quite a while ago I asked for this book for my birthday, and it finally got published in December! As some of you may know I do love my photography as well as my art, though I do not share it on YouTube.

This book really captures something I find really interesting, decaying buildings. It is full of gorgeous, and sad photos of building that are falling down, or before they were about to be restored, or demolished.

A few times when looking at this book, my mouth actually dropped, one picture in particular was of a the Michigan Theatre which was converted into a multi storey car park! Seeing cars parked under such a beautiful ceiling is quite something to behold.

I had to share it with you so here are some photos and also a link to where you can see some of the pictures properly. There is something surreal about the fact that as a race we built such buildings and let them decay and fall back to nature.... and in such a big city as Detroit and the world's superpower the USA, I find it rather intriguing that a city exists in this way. Having studied geography it is also of interest in how cities change with the times and how planning failed in parts of Detroit, as well as it's dependence on the automotive manufacturing which has now disappeared leaving the shells of factories left.

Times change, that is for certain, I hope some of these buildings will be left as reminders of what once was :)

The ruins of Detroit pictures

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