Thursday, 16 September 2010

Drawing Robyn

My latest drawing I have been really pleased with. Its of the swedish singer Robyn who's music I really like. It was an image I adapted and put my own stamp on. I'm really pleased with it. Below you can see how I altered the top etc...

I changed my shading technique a bit too, not just using cotton wool this time but tissue to do the smudging and getting a smooth finish. It worked better as I didn't get so much oil from my fingers on the paper which marks the drawing and makes it patchy.

It may not gey many views but I never just like to cater to the masses and go with what people request me to draw. Then I would get little enjoyment. I always say if you enjoy it, do it :)

This was quite a challenge too because of the hair!

Hope you enjoyed it


A little update :)

Hey everyone!

I cannot believe it, my drawing of Taylor Swift has reached 515,000 views. Thats crazy! I look at other videos, say Michael Buckley and see he has a couple of thousand views on a video then see mine and its wow!!!

So thank you to everyone who has veiwed the video!

My drawing of Cher Lloyd from the x factor also took off, not my best drawing but its all good practice!