Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Michelle McCool drawing

Hello everyone, as you may have seen my latest drawing was of Michelle McCool, a WWE star. I was commissioned by her website to draw her as a surprise for her birthday :) I really enjoyed doing the drawing, and with the help of Mark I chose a picture a bit more outside of my comfort zone. Instead of my usual head shots I went for a full body shot.

This meant I had to get the proportions spot on, and someone had commented on a video recently saying my proportions are not always right. True, but hey I am not a printer :D Anyway I used the calculator and my big metal ruler to measure out where body parts would roughly be placed as I had to scale up. It worked out well, and even at the end I had to tailor it in a bit, making her legs thinner.

It was certainly a good lesson in getting proportions right and it is something I will focus more on in the next drawings :)

Here is a behind the scenes shot of me doing the art attack video :D Haha Look at Ollie staring at me thinking what is he doing!

I just ordered some postage tubes too for commission work and if I sell anything from my website, I shopped around to find the best price, amazing what hey charge for them sometimes! Meep meep!

Take care everyone.

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