Monday, 28 February 2011

Water on Fire!!!!!! ......We need another Erin Brockovich, actually a whole team!

I may be all about art to a lot of you as that is what my channel is about, but I am also a geography graduate and I take environmental issues very seriously, I read national geographic every month and seriously some of the pictures scare me of what the future lays in hold for our race, because of what we are doing to the earth.

This short film covers a very serious topic about environmental issues concerned with natural gas drilling.

PLEASE watch from the beginning and stick with it, we need to educate ourselves on what we are doing to our world.

This is was fracking and drilling for natural gas does, it ruins water supplies as well as a whole host of problems! WATCH AT 8.55 in particular to see water catching fire due to the processes of fracking. It really is disgusting that companies get away with destroying lives and towns, let alone the environment.

If you do not understand what Fracking is click this link and scroll down, it also has an awesome diagram:

The fracking process also creates radioactive wastewater that cannot be treated by sewage treatment plants..... just think about that too! 

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Double Trouble

Hey everyone,

I've just finished a drawing of Alexis Jordan, I have been listening to her new single "Good Girl" on repeat a fair few times today! It's catchy :) Mmmmm I'm not too fond of the drawing I just did, it is rather abstract in style, I like the hand the best and the rest is alright..... Sooooooooo I am going to draw another one of her and do a two in one video.

 They'll both be of the same sort of style though :) People seemed to like my essence of teacup Gaga a lot so this one won't be quite like that but I will try and make it a quick and rough drawing.

A snippet of the drawing.

I have also got a great one of Avril Lavigne I want to have a go at. And do that proper full on detailed style.

I'm not liking working at a desk at the moment, I think it is sending my perspective and scale off. I often stand up to check perspective, because you sit at an angle to the paper, proportions get skewed you see. I used to draw on my bed, and maybe I will go back to that for a new drawing and see it it makes any difference :)

This is what the second picture is based upon, you can see her hand looks rather strange as it is.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Magical Pixie Cottage

This is the Magical Pixie Cottage as I like to call it!

I took this picture in the summer and isn't it a beautiful cottage! I really like old cottages but I could never own one, I'm too tall at 6 foot 2 to be able to cope with their low ceilings! There is magicalness everywhere, we just have to create some sometimes!

I've been doing a few paintings in the evenings, one is finished and I really like it, it is very small but bright and has interesting textures in it. The other is not finished yet, and I'm deciding what to do with it next. Both are oils :)

I do have another Gaga portrait planned, and I want to do more of the Born this way Mash up paintings. Really incorporating many colours!

Did anyone see the Banksy art pieces they tore down in L.A. ? Such a shame.... I really admire his work and I thought the statement and message he made with this one was brilliant! Take a look, some really make me laugh, and some really make me wonder about the culture we live in!

Some images of Banksy's art around L.A.

The Charlie Brown one is fantastic!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

I just had to share this with you all :)

I found this on my external hard drive while deleting some things, love it!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Born this way week

Waves :)

As you may know Miss Lady Gaga is releasing her new single born this way very soon! I've been wanting to do a Gaga series for some time now and this seems like the perfect opportunity. I once drew her in the style of pokerface, but it had a big mistake proportion wise with an eye.

For the past two or three days I have been sketching plans for a massive painting I am going to do. It is hopefully going to wow a lot of you, and I want to do it to push my style as I discussed in the previous blog post. It will definately be eye catching as it will be like no Gaga you will have ever seen! Suspense huh! haha... Lets hope I can pull it off!

Well tonight I wanted to draw her portrait style, but actually was not in the mood for full on detail so I just went with the flow and ended up doing a cartoony/ pop art Gaga.

Here is a sneak peak... it will go up on YouTube too as a video. I will probably be releasing a series of Gaga videos this week and in the weeks to come, as I do a variety of art inspirations to do with her :)

This piece is a concept using outlines, and cutting away the paper. It is drawn with black, blue, two yellows, a green and a red magic marker as well as pencil. I cut away the paper on two corners, inserting the yellow card behind one side, and then another white piece of paper behind too.  You can't see all the detail in the face, it looks more impressive up close.. oh wait if you click it you get a big image so yes you can :) ... anyway you'll have to wait for the video :D

I hope you're all having a good start to the week!

My favourite version of Paparazzi! I just adore the intro.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Beneath the Surface

Hey everyone :)

I've just been listening to Madonna - Frozen, and I have some inspiration for a new painting :D Some of you may also know from twitter that i have a painting of Lady Gaga planned, I am hoping it will be something that might make people go wow! I am anxious to pull it off well!

I feel I need to move on and grow my style and not just stick to pencil portraits, I need to push myself and use new mediums and experiment, I'm excited :D

I was given this platinum coated rose last week. I could have been given a simple beautiful rose, but this was a total surprise and is totally one of a kind as well as extremely special and elegant. It sparkles beautifully in the light.

Meep meep :)

There is real beauty below the surface of that metal exterior :)

There are often things hidden under my paintings and drawings you won't see. Some drawings have parts where i have gone wrong hidden by big black 9B pencil areas or paint :) I have also painted over old paintings in the past, I enjoy it. One of my favs is one that is painted over three times, it had a portrait of a YouTuber at first, then it got painted over to a spiral of union jack colours, then to this (scroll to sea spray) : Sea Spray. I painted over the old ones as I disliked them or wanted something different, but I know what is behind those layers and I enjoy knowing what is there :)

I know that my painting reflects where I am in my life, I did some very dark ones with black and red when I was dealing with coming out. I then progressed to less dark but still on a dark theme. Recently I painted over that to whites and greens :) - calm and collected. People may look at my paintings and not think much about them, but if I put a blurb by each one telling them the stage in my life and feelings and ideas behind it might bring more meaning to them :)

Sometimes it is important to think what is behind that layer of paint I see :)

Paintings I create are very much an extension of myself and what I feel.