Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Frosts and art challenges!

Hello my lovlies!

Well well well, I'm a day or so late posting this week but it's been rather hectic on the art front, I have had some commissions to do, and that just reminded me I need to reply to someone about one, thanks for that!

I also completed two others and sent those off, I was really pleased with the one below, it had clothing in it which was nice to draw, on that note someone has asked me to do a clothing tutorial so that will get sorted soon.

It's been really coldies and I took some great photos out in the hoar frosts and light snow we got, I'll have to show you some soon :) This is Ollie Pie in it, there is no snow..'s just really thick frost!

I've just been doing some oil painting which you will see a video of when it is totally finished, mind you I started it in June soooooo don't hold your breath to when it will be done :D Painting is a ncie change to all the drawing, I just make it up as I go along basically and its very realxing compared to the complex and accurate portraits.

I shall see you all soon :)



  1. fantastic I love that portrait it is so real. I am working on a portrait at the moment for a family member but it is a portrait of 4 people..... taken from 4 different photographs, so it is a long hard slog and I doubt it will come out as I hope, but still a challenge is a challenge I guess. Cant wait to see more :)

  2. Thanks Samantha :)Yeah I can imagine that is really tricky, but hey we all need a challenge to further our skills! But yeah taking 4 different photos and merging them, I don't envy it haha! Good luck.