Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Frosts and art challenges!

Hello my lovlies!

Well well well, I'm a day or so late posting this week but it's been rather hectic on the art front, I have had some commissions to do, and that just reminded me I need to reply to someone about one, thanks for that!

I also completed two others and sent those off, I was really pleased with the one below, it had clothing in it which was nice to draw, on that note someone has asked me to do a clothing tutorial so that will get sorted soon.

It's been really coldies and I took some great photos out in the hoar frosts and light snow we got, I'll have to show you some soon :) This is Ollie Pie in it, there is no snow..'s just really thick frost!

I've just been doing some oil painting which you will see a video of when it is totally finished, mind you I started it in June soooooo don't hold your breath to when it will be done :D Painting is a ncie change to all the drawing, I just make it up as I go along basically and its very realxing compared to the complex and accurate portraits.

I shall see you all soon :)


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow, cards and commissions

Hi everyone :)

How's everyone coping with the snow? We haven't had too much here so that's been great, I've been able to get out and about, I needed some more art materials and things so managed to get those. I love making cards, I seldom buy cards and prefer to make them, either drawing something on the front or sticking a photo I took on the front :) I made a few this week to go with Christmas cards :) I'm also looking into if I can get a company to produce cards with my images, we'll have to see what happens on that front!

I was in London last week to deliver a commission I had had framed and I have to say London is the best Capital City in the world that I have visited, plus I lived their at uni so I'm biased hehe. In terms of public transport, things to do, heritage, fashion and architecture its brill. The list goes on :) I only wish it was not so bloomin expensive haha!

I can't wait till the new routmaster's come into service, they are so gorgeous..... I'm a sucker for a well designed object :) I like the modern look and sweeping diagonal lines of the glass! Mmmmmmm routemaster haha :)

Covent Garden :)

This is Seven Dials, one of my favourite areas of London.

Of couuuurse I had to go in the London Graphic Centre, it is their flagship store off Covent Garden and its an artist's dream, honestly I could spend all day in there! I got myself a new sketchpad and some canvases and managed to restrain myself from buying the whole shop, just about :) I forgot to buy fixative though, which sucks cus I need some to fix the drawings, so I'll have to order some over the interweb. On my way home on the train I bumped into my friend from school by pure chance so that was brill to catch up and have a chat on the train home :D

This week is pretty much commission week, took that one to London, did another, sent that in the post and started another today, almost done with that one and then I have two more to do as quickly as I can sooo all hands on deck :) Oooo I also want to do antoher tutorial so I should fit that in too.

on another note my Justin Bieber hit 100,000 views a few days and its already on 120,000 ... it's crazy how sometimes the videos can go in fits and starts of getting views, it depends how I market them and what the celebs etc are up to in terms of performances and interviews.

Meep meep! TIll next time :)

Sunday, 21 November 2010

People on YouTube can really be quite touching, and some are sad souls!

Hello everyone!

I should be in bed, but I just finished watching Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives, I do love my escapism!

I have been addicted to listening to Kylie Minogue, Ke$ha and Adele today, I am going to see Kylie next year, I'm so excited, but I have to say Adele has really captured my attention today, her voice is breathtaking and the two songs I have had on repeat today are just out of this world. She is crying out to be drawn and I think I have a picture to base something off :)

I like to draw people who inspire me and have REAL talent and that are role models. My latest drawing was of Ellie and I've been really humbled by the comments on my Ellie Goulding drawing and the love for it. I felt I connected with the drawing and it came out well.

My little 'studio' that its darker ealier lighting is an issue.

I often find it is these videos that get the least views, where I feel a connection and do a good job. I find that a shame when the person I am drawing deserves more respect and recognition for the work they do.

I want to share two comments with you. This one was on the Ellie video from a 13 year old girl who I think wrote beautifully for her age:

"people like this really symbolise the true meaning of art. i think this is not only exceptionally artistic, but the likeness in her skin tone is very becoming. amazing xxxxxx"

The reason I think that is brill is because so many 13 year old girls would just write you're amazing, no actually 'your amazing', which although is lovely to hear is not quite the same as what this girl wrote, this girl took the time to write something more thoughtful :)

On the flip side on the Cher Lloyd video I received this comment:

"your queer
And you cant draw
gay cunt"

I get a lot of people picking up on my sexuality of course and a fair amount of negative comments, and I just thought how sad this person was, I can draw and so what if I am gay, it has made me strong and it is who I am. I just thought it is people like this who contribute to those teenage suicides because of bullying..... sad!

The world is a funny place huh? Anyway thank you if you read all of this post and I do value followers and subscribers so much :)

Sunday, 14 November 2010

The yearning to draw

Hi everyone,

I must say there are some days when I just have the yearning to draw, I come across something, be it a song, or a really eye catching image that just screams out at me to be captured by my hands. Unfortunately time often gets in the way, I think oh I should be doing this or that, not drawing right now, which is a shame,  but that's life :)

I know exactly who I am going to draw next, I found their song yesterday and the video was brilliant, not your usual pop music video and I like the artist too..... No I'm not telling you who it is yet, you can guess though :D

I often find my art is best when I make that connection, really have the yearning desire to want to draw something.....

A few people have mentioned that I should draw my dog, and also do a self portrait of myself. Maybe I will in time, I've just got to find that desire :)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I'm over-hauling all my sites and bringing them up to date and giving them all the TKD branding :) .... I'm going to post here once a week at least and I'm normally around on Twitter every day :) Meep meep.

 I've been working hard the past few weeks on my website which I have created to have a solid platform promote myself from. You can see some of my work and its got links to all my sites and things like Twitter. Hope you guys like it. I also decided to sell from as I get so many requests from you guys wondering if I sell my items, so on the for sale page you will find everything I have currently for sale :)

 I'm hopefully going to be making cards with my photography and other itmes, I'm just trying to find a wholesaler at the moment so that's exciting :)

So here's a cake I made, offers you a piece, lets celebrate :)

Harry Potter :D

Hey everyone,

Harry Potter comes out in the cinema's soon and I'm really excited to see the film. I was just on holiday in Germany and re read the last book. SO GOOD! Oh Harry Potter has always been a big part of my life and it still is to this day. This summer I even went to Cork to a wizard wrock show ( a concert where bands sing about Harry Potter), Yes I'm a big Harry Potter geek and proud of it hahaa. Haha A song by one of the bands has just come on my itunes shuffle!

Anyway I recently found this drawing in one of my folders, its done with pen and is a rough, quick sketch when I was experimenting with Pen... maybe I should do some more...  :) Its fun! I thought I'd share it with you. I also found one of Bellatrix I did a year or two ago... I have an urge to suddenly do more HP drawings :)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Drawing Robyn

My latest drawing I have been really pleased with. Its of the swedish singer Robyn who's music I really like. It was an image I adapted and put my own stamp on. I'm really pleased with it. Below you can see how I altered the top etc...

I changed my shading technique a bit too, not just using cotton wool this time but tissue to do the smudging and getting a smooth finish. It worked better as I didn't get so much oil from my fingers on the paper which marks the drawing and makes it patchy.

It may not gey many views but I never just like to cater to the masses and go with what people request me to draw. Then I would get little enjoyment. I always say if you enjoy it, do it :)

This was quite a challenge too because of the hair!

Hope you enjoyed it


A little update :)

Hey everyone!

I cannot believe it, my drawing of Taylor Swift has reached 515,000 views. Thats crazy! I look at other videos, say Michael Buckley and see he has a couple of thousand views on a video then see mine and its wow!!!

So thank you to everyone who has veiwed the video!

My drawing of Cher Lloyd from the x factor also took off, not my best drawing but its all good practice!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Taylor has gone through the roof.

I drew Taylor Swift quite a while ago, and put the video on YouTube as usual, now it has become my most viewed video at 0ver 350,000 views, ITs crazy, I never expected it to get that big. Like wow....... I don't take it to be one of my best drawings either, The best drawings I ever did were Brina, Mark, Pink and Denlin. I have been trying a few new things recently in size and style but I think I want to come back to the big faces rather than the smaller ones.... We'll see.