Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Moving on

Hello to all you lovely readers :)

It's been a while, I started a new job so I took a little holiday from the YouTube while I got used to that :)


I went to London last Saturday and met up with a friend, I might go back next Saturday for Pride, not sure, dunno if I have the time.

I made a video for YouTube next up, a competition where you can win 20,000 euros and support and a YouTube camp and all sorts. There are so many brill UK YouTubers I'll be surprised if I get through to the voting stage. Competition is fierce, but hey nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The Olympic Rings are up for the 2012 Olympics in London's St Pancras International train station. (The Eurostar trains go from here to France through the channel tunnel)

Youtube Next Up

I made up the poem for it, I thought I couldn't just talk and be boring haha so I jump cut it up :D

It was a great brain storm session for what I might do in the future, someone sugested in the comments that I could do the things I had thought of. My only issue as to why I do not do big art projects is the cost involved, materials etc.. unless I use nature :)

A sketch pad and pencils are cheaper in comparison and they are what attract my viewers at the moment but I want to get desigining some things and I am currently researching Tracey Emin, as I want to do a few odd videos on artists that intrique me, and that I don't know much about but want to know more...

I've also recently been filming a new project for my channel, which I will start editing and film more for over the next week or two :D It will be like something I've never done so I hope it will be appreciated.

I'm currently listening to Kylie :D ..... I really want to draw her again.

I'll be working art back into my day :) Sometimes it's good to have a break and come back refreshed :)



Saturday, 11 June 2011

Whatever comes to mind :D

Hello everyone :)

I'm sitting here on the floor listening to Owl City -Umbrella Beach :) I thought I'd have a good old blogity blog. I've had quite a nice day, went walkies with Ollie, hehe he's so funny, he went swimming in the river, and got out and I had to scarper quick smart to avoid getting water shaken all over me, the naughty little rascal got me last time, so I was prepared this time :D

I've got some ideas for a drawing, I dunno if it will work, it should, it might look a bit strange but it should be eye catching.... tis a secret, not telling yet :D

I'm just saving a 17 minute long video, jinkies, I never thought I would upload such a long video of me just talking, but that's what happened haha. I don't know if people will watch it all the way through but hopefully they'll like the parts they see.

I'm hungry, I feel like some lemon curd.... mmmm.

I put up lots of photos of mine for sale on my shop, people have been faving them and things which is cool, as I'm seeing which ones people like :)

Hope you're all well and having fun, and keep going if you've got exams at the mo, it's worth the work :)