Monday, 31 January 2011

Drawing Jessie J

Hey everyone,

Meep meep! Well I just put my video of Jessie J! I really enjoy doing drawings of people in awesome poses, and I try to find good poses for my drawings to be based upon. To capture Jessie's character too I knew it had to be a cool expression. My friend Mark gave me the idea for drawing her so thanks Mark :)

I actually think she is a really good singer and I do like to draw people I feel a connection with or that I enjoy their work. Music is a massive part of my artwork, and never is a drawing done without music. It's all art feeding into another type of art. I'm going to see Kylie Minogue in April and I was listening to a song by her and it puts me in such a great mood!

I did a darker background to the the drawing but then rubbed it away because it was too dark, but left it as a smokey sort of background as it wouldn't all go. Sometimes it is hard to decide on what works, and you don't know till you try!

I've actually had a really great day, I had the biggest surprise and then lovely comments on this video and yes, a lovely day!

I hope you enjoyed it and I have an exciting project coming..... top secret though! Shhhhhhh :D

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