Sunday, 26 February 2012

Social Media Is My Life!

Today I went to take some video of Neal's Yard in Seven Dials - London. I was taking it for a friend called Jim, who lives in the USA and whom I have never met IRL, only on Dailybooth.

He had posted a photo he had found of Neal's Yard on Facebook, and tagged me in it asking if I knew of it, I instantly recognised it as the fabulous Neal's Yard! In my excitement of him posting that pic and me knowing it (I like winning hahaaa...) I offered to go video it for him and give him a little tour.

He loved the idea so off I went today, it was a gorgeous sunny day and I had just moved on Saturday into my new place in Bloomsbury and now I am in walking distance of the wonderful-ness :D

What struck me looking at these photos now is how much of my life is made from conversations and sharing of cool stuff on the internet.

This is one example, but I love to share everything I do on the internet, well you know, most things, not everything :)
I like to show people places they wouldn't normally go or things they would look past.

This is one of my main reasons for being on YouTube, people may think it is a popularity to many, and that is true for some, but for me I just want to share my artwork and vlogs out and about. I hate the idea that my art would sit in folders where no one would see it.... and when my YouTube took off it really brought me into the world of the internet.

I started my voyage into social networks and social media back in 2005 when I joined a Harry Potter fansite (JK Rowling I owe a lot to you).. and I still talk regularly to two or three people from there. They were the first people I told I was gay, and have stuck with me and even though we have never met I know one will be coming to my wedding.

This is the age of skype and without it life would be so different. My parents did long distance for 4 years, only using a pay phone in a telephone box!

Hey I met my fiancé on the internet and have been doing long distance for over 2 years and thank god for skype, Twitter, Facebook and Dailybooth.

Some people may think it strange to be friends with people you have never met.. I just say it's the modern pen pal!

I have been to countless YouTube gatherings, met people I had never met before, I've met up with people abroad I know off the internet...

It doesn't phase me in the slightest, if you build a good transparent relationship online there is nothing scary or dangerous about meeting people from the internet, and of course always using common sense, meeting in public places etc.

The internet has brought me some valuable friends, a lover, and it even offers me the chance to get to know people I sell my artworks too! 

I have now landed an internship in social media, never did I think I would be doing something to do with what is basically my life. 

Social Media is my life for now, and always will be a big part, but hopefully I will remove some of it by getting Mark - my fiancĂ© in the same country soon :) Still I am bloody lucky to have been born in the internet generation!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Wandering The Streets Of London

There is nothing I love more while in London than having a good wander. Cameras in my bag and a good pair of comfy shoes and I'm set :)

I know people love their Google maps these days, but I just have my tube map in my head and a knowledge of where I roughly am, and off I go, searching for photo opportunities and a spot of people watching!

Today I went up to view a flat, and then came back down to Oxford Circus and wandered down to Liberty, Carnaby Street and through Soho towards Covent Garden. I had to duck into a coffee shop for some hot choccy to warm myself up though, cus it was freeeeezing.

What was really cool about being out before 10am in London on a chilly, Sunday morning was that there was NO ONE around at all.... Regent Street was deserted like I have never seen it, and Soho was empty too. I'll have to remember this for some good photo opportunities in the future if the weather is cool.

The brand new W Hotel is really cool, the outside actually films the sky through lots of cameras and then the outer skin of the building 'reflects' what the sky was like that day! (It wasn't purple) I've edited this photo but look it up :) So at night time it is all colourful and I think it's a sign of the new up and coming Leicester Square which has always been a bit shabby. It is all currently under renovation so hopefully it will look a lot better when it is finished.

One of the posh houses in Maida Vale! I went up to have a look at Little Venice which is an area with some canals, which were all frozen over and narrow boats were pushing through breaking the ice!

Next time you're out and about take a look at things you wouldn't normally and se what you can find! I like looking for alleys in central London, and this is one of my favs to look down. 

So tonight I might go out to the BAFTA's and celeb spot if I'm not too tired or cold :) We will see. So this week is gonna be getting stuck into work and flat hunting. 

See you all soon 

Jonny :)

P.S. Shop windows can make such good photo opps!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

I'm back in London! For Good.....

Well I am back in London for good!!

I moved back on Saturday, I used to live here for three years while at uni, but now I have a paid internship for 6 months and hopefully I'll find a job after that :D

Soooo eeeeeee I am crashing with friends till i find somewhere permanent, wahoooooh London is not cheap, I knew this of course but when you are on a strict budget, eeeee. It's gonna be bargain hunting, and lots of walkies all the way guys!!

It's strange to be back, partly cus I don't have a room to call my own yet...  and I am in a different part of London, and I won't have uni to go to, rather my new work :D ....Haha and I am getting used to hearing lots of sirens again and watching out for those evil cyclists who cycle through red lights when you are crossing the road and almost run you over if you don't look carefully... bastards...

It also snowed yesterday which was quite the welcome to London!

I can't quite believe I am going to be in London for the Olympics, the Queen's Diamond jubilee and the completion of The Shard!

I think this is gonna be quite a 6 months! Prepare for some vloggage!

See you soon. Jonny.