Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Frosts and art challenges!

Hello my lovlies!

Well well well, I'm a day or so late posting this week but it's been rather hectic on the art front, I have had some commissions to do, and that just reminded me I need to reply to someone about one, thanks for that!

I also completed two others and sent those off, I was really pleased with the one below, it had clothing in it which was nice to draw, on that note someone has asked me to do a clothing tutorial so that will get sorted soon.

It's been really coldies and I took some great photos out in the hoar frosts and light snow we got, I'll have to show you some soon :) This is Ollie Pie in it, there is no snow..'s just really thick frost!

I've just been doing some oil painting which you will see a video of when it is totally finished, mind you I started it in June soooooo don't hold your breath to when it will be done :D Painting is a ncie change to all the drawing, I just make it up as I go along basically and its very realxing compared to the complex and accurate portraits.

I shall see you all soon :)


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow, cards and commissions

Hi everyone :)

How's everyone coping with the snow? We haven't had too much here so that's been great, I've been able to get out and about, I needed some more art materials and things so managed to get those. I love making cards, I seldom buy cards and prefer to make them, either drawing something on the front or sticking a photo I took on the front :) I made a few this week to go with Christmas cards :) I'm also looking into if I can get a company to produce cards with my images, we'll have to see what happens on that front!

I was in London last week to deliver a commission I had had framed and I have to say London is the best Capital City in the world that I have visited, plus I lived their at uni so I'm biased hehe. In terms of public transport, things to do, heritage, fashion and architecture its brill. The list goes on :) I only wish it was not so bloomin expensive haha!

I can't wait till the new routmaster's come into service, they are so gorgeous..... I'm a sucker for a well designed object :) I like the modern look and sweeping diagonal lines of the glass! Mmmmmmm routemaster haha :)

Covent Garden :)

This is Seven Dials, one of my favourite areas of London.

Of couuuurse I had to go in the London Graphic Centre, it is their flagship store off Covent Garden and its an artist's dream, honestly I could spend all day in there! I got myself a new sketchpad and some canvases and managed to restrain myself from buying the whole shop, just about :) I forgot to buy fixative though, which sucks cus I need some to fix the drawings, so I'll have to order some over the interweb. On my way home on the train I bumped into my friend from school by pure chance so that was brill to catch up and have a chat on the train home :D

This week is pretty much commission week, took that one to London, did another, sent that in the post and started another today, almost done with that one and then I have two more to do as quickly as I can sooo all hands on deck :) Oooo I also want to do antoher tutorial so I should fit that in too.

on another note my Justin Bieber hit 100,000 views a few days and its already on 120,000 ... it's crazy how sometimes the videos can go in fits and starts of getting views, it depends how I market them and what the celebs etc are up to in terms of performances and interviews.

Meep meep! TIll next time :)