Saturday, 5 February 2011

Beneath the Surface

Hey everyone :)

I've just been listening to Madonna - Frozen, and I have some inspiration for a new painting :D Some of you may also know from twitter that i have a painting of Lady Gaga planned, I am hoping it will be something that might make people go wow! I am anxious to pull it off well!

I feel I need to move on and grow my style and not just stick to pencil portraits, I need to push myself and use new mediums and experiment, I'm excited :D

I was given this platinum coated rose last week. I could have been given a simple beautiful rose, but this was a total surprise and is totally one of a kind as well as extremely special and elegant. It sparkles beautifully in the light.

Meep meep :)

There is real beauty below the surface of that metal exterior :)

There are often things hidden under my paintings and drawings you won't see. Some drawings have parts where i have gone wrong hidden by big black 9B pencil areas or paint :) I have also painted over old paintings in the past, I enjoy it. One of my favs is one that is painted over three times, it had a portrait of a YouTuber at first, then it got painted over to a spiral of union jack colours, then to this (scroll to sea spray) : Sea Spray. I painted over the old ones as I disliked them or wanted something different, but I know what is behind those layers and I enjoy knowing what is there :)

I know that my painting reflects where I am in my life, I did some very dark ones with black and red when I was dealing with coming out. I then progressed to less dark but still on a dark theme. Recently I painted over that to whites and greens :) - calm and collected. People may look at my paintings and not think much about them, but if I put a blurb by each one telling them the stage in my life and feelings and ideas behind it might bring more meaning to them :)

Sometimes it is important to think what is behind that layer of paint I see :)

Paintings I create are very much an extension of myself and what I feel.


  1. Your work is always amazing. Whether you decide to stay with pencil or move to another medium I know that it will be gorgeous!

    Stay awesome.

  2. Thanks :) I know pencil will still always stay there, and I will continue to do them, just mix some other things in there too :)