Saturday, 7 January 2012


I don't know where to start, what to write :D

Lets just say this has been something I have been thinking of for a while and planned in my mind, with a few phone calls to my dear friend Becky to have someone to talk to about it :)

I'd asked Mark to go out to Slough Gundy some time with me, we'd been there the last time i came and we swam in the river and jumped off the rocks in the height of summer.

Now it being winter, there was no one there and with heavy fresh snow fall we wound our way to the rapids and rocks, drudging our feet through the thick snow.

We took photos and at the point we stopped at last time I told Marksy I had surprise for him.

I blindfolded him, and made him stand still in the snow while i made a Jonny heart round him and placed candles in the snow and lit them.

I then took off his blindfold and gave him a platinum coated rose, he had given me one for our 1st year anniversary and he had never seen it as it was bought online and directly posted.... I wanted him to have one and me to have one too :)

Then I said a few words, told him how much I love him...... I always thought he was hot from the first few times I saw him on Dailybooth 3 years ago, and then getting to know him we have shared a lot, and i'm glad we didn't ignore the feeling for eachother or put the distance down as a factor to stop us :D..... I took the plunge and bought a flight over the Atlantic to see him (someone I had never met face to face but was my boyfriend with the help of Facebook, Dailybooth, twitter and Skype), in the summer of 2010 and we hit it off :) He's my best friend and noodle.... and then got down on one knee in the snow and asked him to marry me with the rose in my hand :) ...... HE SAID YES !!!!!!!!!!

Total surprise to him and i'm really happy :D


We walked back over ice streams arm in arm grinning and made it to the car where we drove back in snow drifts and snowy weather :D


No there isn't a ring yet, hehe, I didn't know what size he is, and a guy normally only has one ring, so we'''ll see :D


Meep meep :) I feel we are going to have SOoooooo many questions from people now hahaa :)

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  1. wow!! I've just read it and i almost cry!!
    such a beautiful story!!
    I've got a friend in England too and read your stor remind me that i need travel to meet him in person while that happens just i can dream what we are going to do when that happens ;)
    btw congrats!! ;)