Saturday, 28 January 2012

London Skyscrapers: The Shard V Tower 42

London's skyline has been evolving a lot this past year with new skyscrapers rising up from the old city. Once it is complete The Shard - London Bridge will be the tallest building in Western Europe at 310m (1,016ft), something I am itching to see.

I have followed its progress from a concrete stump to it's current state of near completion. It should be finished in May 2012, and as with so many things in London it seems, a lot is aiming to be snazzied up before the Olympics and The Shard will be a real eye catcher for the world to see!

I really like The Shard's architecture, the jagged pinnacle, and the ideas behind it, it is said to be inspired by the railway line it is next to and also ideas of the all the masts from the shipping that used to cover the Thames. It is very close to the river so it essence it is a bit like a ships mast rising out of the river.. (Yeahhh I know bit arty and cliche there)

There is a lot of focus on the new skyscrapers that are popping up over London, some of dubious design I think! I am really not sure if the Walky Talky fits in with London, but I love its roof top garden conservatory thing! It's top heavy though and I don't think it will age well, I guess we can only wait and see. Hey the Barbican is pretty ghastly, but I am fascinated by it's strange design and empty ghost town like qualities, when it is in the heart of the hectic City.

With all these new skyscrapers popping up I still have a fondness for Tower 42 though. At first I didn't think it was that beautiful but it's simplicity of straight lines and unique shape has really grown on me, maybe I just like it because it was one of the first skyscrapers, yet it still has something about it!

Tower 42 and the Shard are two of my fav skyscrapers in London, but I think the Shard will come out the winner when it is complete and I can't wait to geo up it!

I hope that the skyscrapers that came before the new leaders do not get swamped. I remember going to new York and thinking it's such a shame you can't really see the skyscrapers from the ground, all the tall buildings crowd out the views, and you had to go on a ferry to The Statue of Liberty to actually the see the skyline.

London will always have its mix of old and new though which makes it so unique :)

Anyone got a fav skyscraper?

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