Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Gay Rights Movement

This is a brilliant video by Ryan who I fully support in his quest to make a documentary on discrimination against gay people. I have watched Ryan for years making videos and he is truly talented and has put a lot of his money into making previous music videos. He created these for other people's enjoyment as well as his own and even put himself into considerable debt to make them, but Ryan is a person who will try to change the world however he can and at whatever the cost, be that through making his weekly gaysoftheweek Monday video, through a music video bringing people amusement and joy, or as he seeks to now, by producing a hard hitting, moving and essential documentary to combat discrimination against gays. 

Some of you may think ohhhh another gay movement , and might even wonder why I am talking about it too. Some of those who watch me on YouTube do not pick up on my sexuality, others do in an instant, I am gay and there are many things I have to go through because I'm gay. These have shaped me and I wouldn't want to be anyone else but I want life to be easier for future generations. Our generation is changing thank goodness and on YouTubeI know young girls have often left comments in the aura of "I'm glad your gay" or the such like. I think being a gay male online is good because of the stigma of men on the internet being predatory towards young girls, that our generation has now engrained in their minds. 

Anyway I'm moving away from the point, what I think is important is that as a gay man I do not just watch this video and then do nothing about it, rather it is my duty to spread the message and do something towards ending or limiting discrimination, to help those teens stop themselves before they slit their wrists because of gay hate. We have to face it, discrimination will always be around but we can dampen it and strike out the worst of it.

Please go and support Ryan, even if it is just by liking the video! 

There are many countries who discriminate against gays, put them to death, put them in prison or deny them basic equal rights. We need to change this!

Find out more about what Ryan is trying to achieve at SecondClassCitizens 

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