Saturday, 26 February 2011

Double Trouble

Hey everyone,

I've just finished a drawing of Alexis Jordan, I have been listening to her new single "Good Girl" on repeat a fair few times today! It's catchy :) Mmmmm I'm not too fond of the drawing I just did, it is rather abstract in style, I like the hand the best and the rest is alright..... Sooooooooo I am going to draw another one of her and do a two in one video.

 They'll both be of the same sort of style though :) People seemed to like my essence of teacup Gaga a lot so this one won't be quite like that but I will try and make it a quick and rough drawing.

A snippet of the drawing.

I have also got a great one of Avril Lavigne I want to have a go at. And do that proper full on detailed style.

I'm not liking working at a desk at the moment, I think it is sending my perspective and scale off. I often stand up to check perspective, because you sit at an angle to the paper, proportions get skewed you see. I used to draw on my bed, and maybe I will go back to that for a new drawing and see it it makes any difference :)

This is what the second picture is based upon, you can see her hand looks rather strange as it is.


  1. Lovely drawing! I really like the small amount of colour you use in your art! Just lovely!

  2. Thanks Liza :) Yes it's my little thing to set me apart from the standard pencil portraits.