Saturday, 19 February 2011

Magical Pixie Cottage

This is the Magical Pixie Cottage as I like to call it!

I took this picture in the summer and isn't it a beautiful cottage! I really like old cottages but I could never own one, I'm too tall at 6 foot 2 to be able to cope with their low ceilings! There is magicalness everywhere, we just have to create some sometimes!

I've been doing a few paintings in the evenings, one is finished and I really like it, it is very small but bright and has interesting textures in it. The other is not finished yet, and I'm deciding what to do with it next. Both are oils :)

I do have another Gaga portrait planned, and I want to do more of the Born this way Mash up paintings. Really incorporating many colours!

Did anyone see the Banksy art pieces they tore down in L.A. ? Such a shame.... I really admire his work and I thought the statement and message he made with this one was brilliant! Take a look, some really make me laugh, and some really make me wonder about the culture we live in!

Some images of Banksy's art around L.A.

The Charlie Brown one is fantastic!

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