Monday, 28 February 2011

Water on Fire!!!!!! ......We need another Erin Brockovich, actually a whole team!

I may be all about art to a lot of you as that is what my channel is about, but I am also a geography graduate and I take environmental issues very seriously, I read national geographic every month and seriously some of the pictures scare me of what the future lays in hold for our race, because of what we are doing to the earth.

This short film covers a very serious topic about environmental issues concerned with natural gas drilling.

PLEASE watch from the beginning and stick with it, we need to educate ourselves on what we are doing to our world.

This is was fracking and drilling for natural gas does, it ruins water supplies as well as a whole host of problems! WATCH AT 8.55 in particular to see water catching fire due to the processes of fracking. It really is disgusting that companies get away with destroying lives and towns, let alone the environment.

If you do not understand what Fracking is click this link and scroll down, it also has an awesome diagram:

The fracking process also creates radioactive wastewater that cannot be treated by sewage treatment plants..... just think about that too! 

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Jonny.

    There is a powerful, moneyed industry behind it -- the same industry that tore up trolley tracks across the U.S. decades ago, so that buses would have to be used.

    It's hard for me not to paint the oil and gas industry as evil. I recognize that it provides jobs to many people, and that those people don't consider what they do as rapacious, filthy and rampant with negative consequences. But it is, and has long been so.