Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I'm over-hauling all my sites and bringing them up to date and giving them all the TKD branding :) .... I'm going to post here once a week at least and I'm normally around on Twitter every day :) Meep meep.

 I've been working hard the past few weeks on my website which I have created to have a solid platform promote myself from. You can see some of my work and its got links to all my sites and things like Twitter. Hope you guys like it. I also decided to sell from as I get so many requests from you guys wondering if I sell my items, so on the for sale page you will find everything I have currently for sale :)

 I'm hopefully going to be making cards with my photography and other itmes, I'm just trying to find a wholesaler at the moment so that's exciting :)

So here's a cake I made, offers you a piece, lets celebrate :)

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