Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow, cards and commissions

Hi everyone :)

How's everyone coping with the snow? We haven't had too much here so that's been great, I've been able to get out and about, I needed some more art materials and things so managed to get those. I love making cards, I seldom buy cards and prefer to make them, either drawing something on the front or sticking a photo I took on the front :) I made a few this week to go with Christmas cards :) I'm also looking into if I can get a company to produce cards with my images, we'll have to see what happens on that front!

I was in London last week to deliver a commission I had had framed and I have to say London is the best Capital City in the world that I have visited, plus I lived their at uni so I'm biased hehe. In terms of public transport, things to do, heritage, fashion and architecture its brill. The list goes on :) I only wish it was not so bloomin expensive haha!

I can't wait till the new routmaster's come into service, they are so gorgeous..... I'm a sucker for a well designed object :) I like the modern look and sweeping diagonal lines of the glass! Mmmmmmm routemaster haha :)

Covent Garden :)

This is Seven Dials, one of my favourite areas of London.

Of couuuurse I had to go in the London Graphic Centre, it is their flagship store off Covent Garden and its an artist's dream, honestly I could spend all day in there! I got myself a new sketchpad and some canvases and managed to restrain myself from buying the whole shop, just about :) I forgot to buy fixative though, which sucks cus I need some to fix the drawings, so I'll have to order some over the interweb. On my way home on the train I bumped into my friend from school by pure chance so that was brill to catch up and have a chat on the train home :D

This week is pretty much commission week, took that one to London, did another, sent that in the post and started another today, almost done with that one and then I have two more to do as quickly as I can sooo all hands on deck :) Oooo I also want to do antoher tutorial so I should fit that in too.

on another note my Justin Bieber hit 100,000 views a few days and its already on 120,000 ... it's crazy how sometimes the videos can go in fits and starts of getting views, it depends how I market them and what the celebs etc are up to in terms of performances and interviews.

Meep meep! TIll next time :)

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  1. Jonny, you could use cheap hairspray to fix your drawings. Lots of artists use that.... But you need to find the kind in an aerosol can, not the pump kind. the pump sprays too big of droplets. Here in the states lots of people use Aquanet.