Sunday, 14 November 2010

The yearning to draw

Hi everyone,

I must say there are some days when I just have the yearning to draw, I come across something, be it a song, or a really eye catching image that just screams out at me to be captured by my hands. Unfortunately time often gets in the way, I think oh I should be doing this or that, not drawing right now, which is a shame,  but that's life :)

I know exactly who I am going to draw next, I found their song yesterday and the video was brilliant, not your usual pop music video and I like the artist too..... No I'm not telling you who it is yet, you can guess though :D

I often find my art is best when I make that connection, really have the yearning desire to want to draw something.....

A few people have mentioned that I should draw my dog, and also do a self portrait of myself. Maybe I will in time, I've just got to find that desire :)

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