Sunday, 21 November 2010

People on YouTube can really be quite touching, and some are sad souls!

Hello everyone!

I should be in bed, but I just finished watching Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives, I do love my escapism!

I have been addicted to listening to Kylie Minogue, Ke$ha and Adele today, I am going to see Kylie next year, I'm so excited, but I have to say Adele has really captured my attention today, her voice is breathtaking and the two songs I have had on repeat today are just out of this world. She is crying out to be drawn and I think I have a picture to base something off :)

I like to draw people who inspire me and have REAL talent and that are role models. My latest drawing was of Ellie and I've been really humbled by the comments on my Ellie Goulding drawing and the love for it. I felt I connected with the drawing and it came out well.

My little 'studio' that its darker ealier lighting is an issue.

I often find it is these videos that get the least views, where I feel a connection and do a good job. I find that a shame when the person I am drawing deserves more respect and recognition for the work they do.

I want to share two comments with you. This one was on the Ellie video from a 13 year old girl who I think wrote beautifully for her age:

"people like this really symbolise the true meaning of art. i think this is not only exceptionally artistic, but the likeness in her skin tone is very becoming. amazing xxxxxx"

The reason I think that is brill is because so many 13 year old girls would just write you're amazing, no actually 'your amazing', which although is lovely to hear is not quite the same as what this girl wrote, this girl took the time to write something more thoughtful :)

On the flip side on the Cher Lloyd video I received this comment:

"your queer
And you cant draw
gay cunt"

I get a lot of people picking up on my sexuality of course and a fair amount of negative comments, and I just thought how sad this person was, I can draw and so what if I am gay, it has made me strong and it is who I am. I just thought it is people like this who contribute to those teenage suicides because of bullying..... sad!

The world is a funny place huh? Anyway thank you if you read all of this post and I do value followers and subscribers so much :)

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  1. you inspired me to start drawing again :) i love your tutorials, please do some more soon :) x