Sunday, 6 November 2011

Designing my own house, spiders, and the ruins of Detroit!

Tonight I was laying in front of the log fire in the lounge and taking in all the pictures of my ruins of Detroit photography book. I have such a fascination with abandoned buildings and I think it shows in my photography of architecture! (previous post on the book)

As I opened the front cover I got a bit of a shock! When I had  previously closed the book a spider had somehow got into the book and I was now looking at a 'as flat as a pancake' spider.... EWwwwww! 

You know when you used to press flowers as a child, it was like that, and it had sort of ingrained itself into the page slightly, I managed to get it off with a tissue, and it all flaked apart..... shudders.....

Anyhow, back to the point of the blog....
I was looking through all the photos and I adore that old style American house with a porch and turret. I have always wanted a house with a tower or turret! Something to do with reading all the Famous Five books as a little boy :)

This got me thinking, I really don't like English houses in some ways, modern ones are so boxy, tiny, and you couldn't hang a thing on the plasterboard walls. There are some gorgeous old ones, but too expensive for any young person to realistically afford, so with my arty skills I thought I would design my own home. I was sketching some very rough drawings of how to shade things for a video this week and it brought back my love of design, so I'm going to get my sketching on this week!

I've ALWAYS wanted a house with a turret or small tower, and that will deffo be included in the design, plenty of light, and a mix of old fashioned comfy-ness and modern style. I'll also need a trainset room for my electric train set!

So I'm going to get sketching my dream house and laying out it's floor plan! 

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