Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Magic Of Seven Dials

By far two of my favourite parts of London are the streets of Covent Garden and Seven Dials.

Seven Dials offers the chance to get away from the hoards of people in Covent Garden and to enjoy a bit more time to yourself, wandering the boutiques.... and as I love to do, just sitting and doing some good old fashioned people watching!

I remember one time I saw this stereotypical blonde haired Texan lady coming out of a hotel and getting into her car. I heard her before I saw her with her loud American drawl and she reminded me of someone who might have made her money out of gold mines back in the day.

Seven Dials is full of great characters and with the large range of clothes shops, salons, and yummy food shops around you'll be sure to see some smart and eye catching london fashion! I've seen Louie Spence too about three times too, always good fun spotting Louie!

The thing i like the most about Seven Dials though is it's small streets which entice you to look round the next corner, or make you want to look up at the beautiful architecture, or even into an eye catching shop window.

One thing is for sure I thought the Christmas Lights were brilliant this year, gorgeous colours and lots of them sparkling above your head and they'll definitely catch your eye.

I suggest grabbing your loved one and take a romantic stroll one evening under the lights, or if that's not your thing, put on your comfiest pair of shoes, cus once you're there you won't want to leave and you'll keep wandering around taking in everything you can!

 Seven Dials is definitely the place to go with it's bars and cafes and fairly recent addition of the newly opened St Martin's Court where I came across a gospel choir singing some Christmas songs, it got me all festive and cheery. Gosh I love London!

Seven Dials will always give you little gems... it's made of festive magic at Christmas!


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