Saturday, 28 May 2011

How to do I choose what to draw?

Hey everybody :)

Hope you're all doing well, I've had a fun day, digging a trench for a new hedge and gardening a bit. This evening I've been trawling the interwebs for pictures to draw. Sometimes people have asked me where I have found pictures that I drew from. More often than not, I have to give the answer I have no idea, because I can spend so long searching for a good picture I want to draw, and once i save the pic to my laptop and i click close on the window to the site i found it on, it disappears back into the realm of the internet .

There are a few steps I guess when it comes to me selecting a picture.

1. Normally it has to be someone I really want to draw, this often comes down to people who inspire me, or I feel a connection to at that time, in the sense of music or design or something. I think this is also why a lot of my drawings are of women, I listen to a lot of female singers.

2. I will get my groove on listening to some music, grab my hot choccy and a biscuit or two, or three... or four.. ok maybe half the pack.... don't judge me :D .... and select large images on google images. This means I get the highest resolution pics coming up which I need for drawing, because then I can see the detail when I zoom into features, nothing worse than a blurry picture to draw from!!

3. I'll type things in such as Kylie - aphrodite tour, photo shoot, shoot, cover , magazine... to get cool images to come up. I always try to pick 'out there' or more interesting pictures that I know will be more eye catching, than say your plain mug shot. I want excitement in my drawings and I don't want to draw a picture everyone has drawn either.

4. I can spend a couple of hours hunting for a pic, and then cropping it down or something to what I want to look good when I draw it. 

5. So voila :) That's how I do it really, of course sometimes people request me to draw people, but with so many people I want to draw, the ones I have the desire to draw come first. 

I found this on my searchings.... I think it really shows how much they love doing what they are doing :) unlike say Britney who only looks half there these days when she's on stage.

Over and out.

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