Saturday, 21 May 2011


Hi everyone :) Today has been a manly day :D

I have been in the garden, digging stumps out of a hedge we cut down, using the pick axe, axe and shovel etc. It's always a great feeling when I get the stump out in the end. There are so many good life lessons in gardening and art, don't give up, keep at it and you'll get somewhere :)

I did take a break though for a choccy biscuit :D

Once that was all done I decided I wanted to pressure wash my bench I made at GCSE about 7 years ago now I think. I started to sand it down a bit too, I think I want to paint it and when I move again it will come with me and be inside the flat. I designed it to be knock down to it splits into 6 pieces so :D I like putting a lot of effort into things I make and plannign and the making and seeing the final product.

I also oiled my hammock I made at A level. I quadruple checked the markings before I cut the wood to length for the hammock when I made it, and all the mortise and tenons etc. being hard wood - Iroko it wasn't cheap for the school to buy so I couldn't mess up, luckily I dind't :)

I could smell the oil, dust and soil on me and it made me miss my DT days. I really like making things with wood, I'll have to have a work shop and make things when I can :)

Ollie Pie came back from walkies so he had to be washed... this is mid shake :D 

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