Saturday, 11 June 2011

Whatever comes to mind :D

Hello everyone :)

I'm sitting here on the floor listening to Owl City -Umbrella Beach :) I thought I'd have a good old blogity blog. I've had quite a nice day, went walkies with Ollie, hehe he's so funny, he went swimming in the river, and got out and I had to scarper quick smart to avoid getting water shaken all over me, the naughty little rascal got me last time, so I was prepared this time :D

I've got some ideas for a drawing, I dunno if it will work, it should, it might look a bit strange but it should be eye catching.... tis a secret, not telling yet :D

I'm just saving a 17 minute long video, jinkies, I never thought I would upload such a long video of me just talking, but that's what happened haha. I don't know if people will watch it all the way through but hopefully they'll like the parts they see.

I'm hungry, I feel like some lemon curd.... mmmm.

I put up lots of photos of mine for sale on my shop, people have been faving them and things which is cool, as I'm seeing which ones people like :)

Hope you're all well and having fun, and keep going if you've got exams at the mo, it's worth the work :)