Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My Dreams

I have just been watching Rihanna's new video - We Found Love, and I've now played it on repeat about 20 times, no joke!

It's not only the music that is right up my street, but the video itself took my artistic eye. Whoever was involved in producing it created a flawless work of art! The grimy shots of England, and those corn fields we know from the media hype, about the farmer who didn't know who the scantily clad Rihanna was when he let her use his field to film in, and then objected to her lack of clothing, both all work really well and contribute to the atmosphere of the video.

The male in the video looks very like Chris Brown and the lyrics fit with it being a song about their relationship. Maybe that is why it is such a captivating video, it seems to have a personal element to it, mixed with that classic Riri raunch.

I had also seen Britney's new video for Criminal this week, also very well put together and it just made me think of how much I would love to be involved in producing something like that. I adore short films and iconic music videos grasp my attention, that mix of music that always accompanies my art pulls me in and the art of creating the video, finding locations, props, helping with the whole on location set up, all that would be my dream.

I think watching the Pirates Of The Caribbean behind the scenes footage of making the film years ago first got me thinking about doing that for work. It may happen one day I don't know, maybe it won't :)

Either way I'll appreciate the beautiful short films well produced music videos create these days.

Anyone made their dreams come true yet? I have made some of mine, but I have more I want to make reality.

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