Monday, 10 October 2011

Crack The Surface!

Tonight while googling pictures of Aldwych, my old uni area in London (I love looking at old pictures - yes I know, bit strange, shhh we all have our strange hobbies, hehe) I clicked on one and it brought me to a world of wonderment!

I clicked into a disused tube station, Aldwych, and started reading what I thought might be a fictional story supplemented with lots of sharp, moody, and to put it plainly, gorgeous photography. I soon discovered it wasn't fiction though!

It was the story of some guys entering the abandoned Aldwych Tube Station, a branch line off the Piccadilly Line, previously called Strand, hence the tiled lettering for Strand and not Aldwych.

I myself have always been fascinated with the closed and abandoned tube stations throughout London, and on my daily commute into uni I would peer through the darkness to see York Station as my tube train used to zoom through. You could often get a glimpse of the platform and the back of the curved walls as the tube lights illuminated it a bit, but only if you knew where it was and even knew it was there, somehow I feel i was the only person in the tube train who did!

I also knew there were the two hidden platforms at Holborn where I exited the tube, and I knew where the hidden doors to the passages were. It made me wonder what else is under London that we don't know about, and that the public walk past without ever knowing!

Anyway I set about exploring more of the site, and it just ignited my interest. I wouldn't have the guts to do what they do, risking their lives in dangerous places for example. I value my life too much (thoughts of the police who shot a man dead because they thought he might have a bomb enter the mind), and I value my freedom - as they could end up in jail for trespassing, but corrrr I would love to explore abandoned places like that too!

I then clicked on one about St Paul's Cathedral which they climbed and sat on the roof of!!!!! ....... The photography they took was so cool! Not a soul around, just reading it and taking the photos in gave me the feeling as if I was there too, a rebel, having defied all the security measures.... vibration alarmed scaffolding etc...

I'm going to spend the next few evening delving more into this site that's for sure.......

I love the internet!

Crack The Surface - Episode I from SilentUK on Vimeo.

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