Sunday, 4 September 2011

What would I do without a computer?

Hello everyone :)

I'm currently looking into buying a new laptop, well not looking as such, I know what I want, it's just a question of affording it, and going to get it.

My old faithful windows vista has deffo given up the ghost after 3 to 4 years in use every day. I am on the pc downstairs as I am trying to edit a video on it upstairs, but it's giving me the circle (you know the little loading circle, which I really think is it just giving me the middle finger).

The battery died two weeks ago, and it only runs off mains power now. Sooooo I am buying a new laptop which will be bale to handle HD video for all my YouTube-ness. I would like photoshop and some good video editing software too.

I want to up the content of my YouTube vids and be able to edit easily without being able to: eat a slice of cake, manage to fall up the stairs as I didn't lift my foot enough, and mop up all the water i had spilled from the glass I was carrying, to come back to my laptop to find it is still importing footage.

Yeahhhh a passing butterfly would outstrip the speed it does things!

So I have resigned myself to spending money on a new one, hey I'll definitely use it, for all the website editing, video editing and photo stuff I do.

You can't really live without a computer these days, everything is online, your friends, music, news, email, your life basically.

I do have the massive urge to go camping by the sea and leave all technology behind though :)

P.s That JK Rowling blog will appear, I haven't forgotten :)

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