Saturday, 23 July 2011

Amy Winehouse : Died 23rd July 2011: Thank you for being an inspiration

As most people by now know, Amy Winehouse has died aged 27, that's only a few years older than myself. Puts things into perspective!

I painted her about 2 to 3 years ago. She was such an intriguing character, I had a desire to do one of my first paintings of her.

It turned out pretty well and captured the current Amy we saw documented in the papers.

I like listening to her music and tears dry on my own is a fav of mine and is just outside my top 25 tunes on my itunes.

It is funny, when doing my latest video this week of Justin Tranter from semi precious weapons I referred to this painting of her, as inspiration and a progression of my style in the background.

You can see the similarities in the background style if I put them side by side for you.
I used the same technique of scraping the black paint on.

A sad turn of events for a lady who gave us such wonderful music. Many songs of which have accompanied my drawings as I have been drawing them.

Thank you Amy

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