Sunday, 11 March 2012

Instagram is my new Dailybooth

I recently got an Iphone, and one of the first apps i downloaded was instagram, ok maybe just cus my fiancé had it too, but I was intrigued. I take tonnes of photography so I thought this was going to be a perfect bow to my TKD-ART empire. It hasn't disappointed!  

It's great being able to share photos, and I'm enjoying utting the filters on the photos and getting that old school quality feeling to them that is one of Instagram's trademarks. I have been surprised at a few likes :) What I don't deem amazing photos, (they don't match my Nikon D60's quality), were getting a good number of likes and it's been a bit of a confidence boost in my photography composition! 

So I have been snapping away :) I'm loving it, sharing my daily scenes, and it's great for long distance relationships, it gives that bit more realism for your partner, it shows them what you have been up to, and helps them imagine they could be there too. 

I used to be a big user of Dailybooth but my Dailybooth days are over now. It had it's time and I met fantastic people on there, including Mark. I racked up 1008 pictures, pretty much always one pic a day and i very rarely double boothed. It's a shame the site has changed so much since it began. The community has gone, and has been replaced by spam, and bugs and it's just no fun anymore. It needs a revamp and owners who want to build it up again to a successful site, if it is to stick around and compete against the likes of Instagram.

Instagram has reignited that sort of spark for me that Dailybooth had which is awesome, and it's accessible anywhere on my phone. 

The only thing about my type of Photography is that I like to take photos and tell a story, so one picture never does it for me, I used to have a little series of say 5 or even 15 photos in the comments on Dailybooth below the main picture, and I would often make collages for the main picture! Instagram can't quite do this.. but I still love it.

Here are two pictures from my wandering of London this Sunday when the sun was out in force. They got filters applied and stuff on Instagram though to give them that je ne sais quoi too. 

It's interesting, this shift towards using my phone to share phtography, I wonder if someone might invent a feature for my Nikon D60 to share it's pics instantly, Now that would be cool.

The whole point of putting my artwork on YouTube was to share it with people and now I can do this with Instagram. I am not a fan of Flickr or Deviantart so this is great. I realy like that I can get perspectives from people all around the world, and today one guy I began following actually seemed to be taking pics in similar places around London today! It would have been funny if we had crossed paths....

You'll find me spamming Instagram on a daily basis :D

I'm TKD_ART on Instagram, Go stalking if you want to :) 

See you soon,

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