Wednesday, 16 March 2011

There's nothing like the old part of a city :)

A little picture into England for you .... I Love walking round cities and looking at the old parts, seeing what has been demolished, what has changed, where buildings used to be, wondering what was once there.

Haha I had to go to the bank to pay in some money, and I had to take a picture of the FML business centre, I bet you 10 quid that was named before computer chat speak came to be hahaaaa. It gives me a good chuckle every time I walk past :D

And there is me looking tired and a mess with a hot cross bun, chomp :) I'm hungry now actually, hmmmmm I wonder what I'll have to eat.

Spring is properly here, YAY! I was gardening today and could smell the hawthorn and hyacinths too... mmmmmmm. It'll be nice when all the blossoms are out. When I took those pictures of the ladybirds I took another of another ladybird and only when I was looking at the photos uploaded on the computer did I see a shield bug camouflaged in there too. I had got really close with my camera and face too, and I didn't see it, grins... nature is cool!

Can YOU spot the shield bug?? He's waving at you :D

Meep meep!

See you all soon, Hope you enjoy the new Britney video too!


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